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Roaming Solar Power Bank Phone or Tablet Charger

Roaming Solar Power Bank Phone or Tablet Charger

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The Roaming Solar Power Bank is an indispensable gadget for any emergency preparedness kit.

This phone or tablet charger is equipped with a solar panel, making it the perfect tool when electricity is not available. With a capacity of up to 10,000mAh, it can charge your phone or tablet multiple times on a single charge.

The power bank is compatible with most devices and comes with a built-in LED flashlight for added convenience during emergencies. Its rugged design and shock-resistant build make it perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, or backpacking.

Be prepared for any emergency situation and stay connected with the Roaming Solar Power Bank from Crisis Crew. Order yours today and enjoy peace of mind knowing you can stay connected during any situation.


  • 5v output safe for all electronics and gadgets.
  • Dual USB port 2.1 /1.1 amps charge simultaneously.
  • Rugged ABS plastics outer case.
  • Comes with a micro USB cable to charge the power bank thru a wall USB adapter you may have.
  • 1-Year Warranty for Replacement or Repair.
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