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Respirator Mask and Googles

Respirator Mask and Googles

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The Respirator Mask and Goggles are essential items for anyone's emergency preparedness kit.

These protective gear items are designed to protect you from harmful particles, pollutants, and other contaminants that can pose a risk to your health during emergency situations.

The mask features a dual-filter system that effectively filters out most particles, including dust, smoke, and chemicals.

The goggles provide full coverage of your eyes, protecting them from debris and other hazards. The adjustable straps ensure a secure and comfortable fit for most head sizes.

The mask and goggles are lightweight and easy to carry.

Be prepared for any emergency situation and protect yourself and your loved ones with the Respirator Mask and Goggles from Crisis Crew. Order yours today and stay safe during any crisis.


Product Type: Respirator Mask Set
Material: PVC, Activated Carbon, PP
Item Size (L*W*H): 6. 9*5.1*3.1in/17.5*13*8cm
Item Weight: 7.8oz/221g (Mask), 2.1oz/60g (Goggles)


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