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Ready To Eat High Energy Biscuits

Ready To Eat High Energy Biscuits

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Be prepared for any emergency situation with the Meal Ready-to-Eat Emergency Food from Crisis Crew. These convenient and long-lasting meals are easy to prepare and packed with essential nutrients to keep you fueled during emergencies. Ideal for camping, hiking, and disaster preparedness.

Value Packaging: 2 Tin Boxes, Each box contains 20 bags of 950 calories to pre-measured energy biscuits. 200g / bag, a total energy of 38000 calories, can be used for up to 30 days.

Easy To Carry: 40 bags of independent tin foil packaging, small and easy to carry, can be stored in your clothes pocket. Open the bag you can eat it quickly, when you hiking, rock climbing, skiing, or long-distance riding you can choose emergency food bars to provide energy.

Nutrition and Health: Emergency survival rods are made of high-quality flour, sugar, oil, and other raw materials, which can be carefully made, allowing you to maintain an active body state before high-intensity activities.

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