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Large-capacity solar power bank

Large-capacity solar power bank

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The Large Capacity Solar Power Bank from Crisis Crew is a reliable and efficient power source for all your outdoor adventures. With a high-capacity battery, this power bank can charge multiple devices simultaneously and can last for days without needing to be recharged.

The solar panel feature allows you to recharge the power bank during daylight hours, making it a practical solution for extended trips in the great outdoors. Its rugged and durable construction is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring that it will continue to function even in extreme environments.

The power bank also comes equipped with multiple charging ports, including USB-C and USB-A, providing compatibility with a wide range of devices. Its compact and portable design makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go, ensuring that you will never be without power when you need it most.

Whether you're on a camping trip, hiking in the mountains, or simply need a reliable power source during an emergency, the Large Capacity Solar Power Bank from Crisis Crew is an essential tool for any survival situation.

Battery type: polymer lithium ion battery
Applicable type: general type
Battery type: soft pack
Shell material: plastic
Additional function: Solar
Size: 166*82*24mm
Color: black red, pure black, black orange
Power capacity: 30000 mAh

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