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Hand Crank Power Flashlight

Hand Crank Power Flashlight

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The Hand Crank Power Flashlight from Crisis Crew is a reliable and essential tool for any survival situation.

Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry in your pocket or backpack, while its hand-cranked generator provides instant power in case of emergencies. With a powerful LED light, it illuminates your path and surroundings, and also features three modes: high, low, and strobe. It has a 1000 mAH battery that can be used to charge your phone, tablet, or other USB device. 

The tuner receives AM, FM, and NOAA frequencies. 

It can be charged 4 different ways - USB, solar, hand crank, and batteries.

Whatever you're facing, the Hand Crank Power Flashlight is a dependable and versatile device that will never leave you in the dark.

Speaker: 40MM
Dimensions: 129 * 60 * 50MM
Output voltage: USB 5V
Battery capacity: 1000MAH or less

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