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Rescue Emergency Blanket

Rescue Emergency Blanket

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The First Aid Warm Insulation Earthquake Rescue Emergency Blanket is designed to protect you from the elements during emergency situations, such as natural disasters or when stranded outdoors.

The blanket is made from high-quality materials that provide excellent insulation, ensuring you stay warm and comfortable in cold conditions. Its reflective surface can be used to signal for help or as an emergency beacon, making it ideal for rescue situations.

The blanket is lightweight, compact, and can be easily stored in a backpack, car, or emergency kit.

With its multiple uses, it's an essential item for any outdoor enthusiast or emergency responder. Stay prepared and keep warm during any crisis with the First Aid Warm Insulation Earthquake Rescue Emergency Blanket from Crisis Crew.

Order yours today and enjoy peace of mind knowing you're ready for any situation.

Material: aluminum foil composite film
Color: Gold and silver double-sided
Product weight: 60g
Product size: 210×160mm
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