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Black Polypropylene Shoe Covers (100 pcs.)

Black Polypropylene Shoe Covers (100 pcs.)

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The Black Polypropylene Shoe Covers for Indoors are an essential item for emergency preparedness kits, particularly during pandemics or infectious disease outbreaks.

This pack of 100 disposable shoe covers is made with durable and non-slip polypropylene material, ensuring a secure and seamless fit. With dimensions of 15.75x6 inches, it can fit most shoe sizes.

It's perfect for medical professionals, first responders, or anyone who wants to protect their indoor space from contamination. The shoe covers are lightweight, easy to wear, and disposable, making them a convenient and practical option during emergency situations.

Ensure maximum protection from contamination and add the Black Polypropylene Shoe Covers to your emergency preparedness kit today.


  • Pack of 100 Disposable Shoe Covers
  • 15.75" x 6" with Secure Elastic and Seamless Bottom.
  • Large 15 3/4 x 6
  • Disposable and nonslip
  • Indoor use

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